श्रीगणेशचतुर्थीपर्वणः शुभाशयाः

श्रीजयतीर्थगुरुभ्यो नमः

Happy Ganesha Chuturthi

उमाकराब्जजो हि सावुमावचः सुपालको ।

वरेक्षुदण्डखण्डसेवनप्रियो मुदावहः ।।।।

Brought into life by the lotus hands of Goddess Uma, who is ever obedient to the Mother, relishes of the sweet sugar cane, the harbinger of joy,

कपालभृन्महात्रिशूलखण्डेतोरुसन्मुखम् ।

पुनःसुलब्धजीवनं व्रजामहे निरन्तरम् ।।।।

the one who head was cut off by the fierce Trishula of Lord Shiva, one who was again brought into life, let us all take refuge in him.

गिरीन्द्रधामनन्दनम् गिरीन्द्रनन्दिनीप्रियम् ।

गणेशमेकदन्तकं भजामहे निरन्तरम् ।।।।

the harbinger of joy to the Lord of Mount Kailash, the beloved of the Daughter of Lord Himavan. let us all worship

सुरक्तवस्त्रधारिणं गजाननं चतुर्भुजम् ।

निशीथ-राट्सुशापकारणं व्रजामहे प्रभुम्।।।।

Let us all submit over-selves to Gajanana, who is adorning a red attire, the four-handed, the one who cursed the Moon – the Lord of the Night.

विनायकं भजामहे सुरासुरेन्दरपूजितम् ।

हरौ सुभक्तिपूरितान् विना सुदण्डकं परान् ।।।।

Let us bow to Lord Vinayaka, the one revered by the Gods as well as the Asuras, the quick punisher of those who are not the devotees of Lord Vishnu.


वासात्भक्तसुदर्शनेन हिमवत् त्वं पासि भक्तान् द्रवन् ।

हे हेरम्ब सदाखुवाहनगते श्रीपार्वतीनन्दन

किं भक्ता न वयं प्रदास्यसि नहि श्रेयांसि भूयांसि नः ।।

O, elephant headed God, who is cuddled by Mother Gowri, eyes sprawling by your heart instantly melts for the sake of devotees which i suppose is due to your stay in the Mt.Kailash (full of melting snow) O'[ Lord Ganesha, whose vehicle is the mouse, the son of Parvati, are we not your devotees that you are not showering the greatest of blessings on all of us?

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